Zagat Wine Coupon Code – SAVE $29

I just got an email from the Zagat Wine Club and they’re now offering $29 off your order when you use the following coupon code…


The coupon code won’t last forever of course, but get in while you can and save $29 today! The coupon code also mentioned a special summer sale the Zagat Wine Club is having right now: get 12 bottles of world-class summer Rose Wine for just $10 a bottle. Here are the details form their email…

Guess which was the best-selling case in our BIG 2012 Summer List?

Ok, we’ve given it away in the headline – but it seems Zagat Wine customers can’t get enough of their rosé. If you missed out, don’t worry. We’ve called in favors, shifted shipping schedules and put together a fantastic new case to see you through the rest of summer.

Look forward to ultra fresh, fruit-packed Aussie Shiraz (the first 2012 vintage to hit our cellars), an elegant Loire favorite, plus mountain-pure arrivals from Northern Italy and Chile – all guaranteed to delight, and all just $10 a bottle.

Please get in quick for your share – and enjoy.

Zagat Wine Club 2012 August Specials

Zagat Wine Club 2012 August Specials

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