Why You Should Give The California Wine Club As A Gift This Year

I’ve been a member of the California Wine Club for a while now and absolutely love this wine club. So much so that I gave a one year subscription to my Dad this year for his birthday. He loves getting award-winning wines from California every month that have already been tasted and pre-approved by the wine experts at the California Wine Club.

What we both like about the California Wine Club is that the owners of the wine club personally travel California’s wine country, visiting small, “mom and pop” wineries where families put their hearts into winemaking and quality is valued above quantity. No other wine club takes the time for this kind of hands-on-selection. The California Wine Club does though because they are as passionate about these limited-production wines as the families who make them.

So, this year, be sure to share a California Wine Adventure with your friends and family members by giving the gift of a California Wine Club membership.

California Wine Club Specials for December, 2019

California Wine Club Specials for December, 2019

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