Sunset Wine Club Review

Due to an abnormal number of our users complaining to us about billing issues they’ve had with Sunset Wine Club, we can no longer recommend Sunset Wine Club. As soon as we receive word that the situation has improved some, we will update our review of this monthly wine club.

The Sunset Wine Club has been one of our favorites over the 12 years of wine club reviewing that we’ve done. I dare say that we’d ride off into the sunset with the Sunset Wine Club if we had our chance. While it’s not the very best white wine club we’ve ever tried, you know you will always get a superior customer experience and amazing wines at a great price. If there was one best wine club that we had to recommend as a gift for someone, the Sunset Wine Club would be it. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll agree.

For the 3rd year in a row, the Sunset Wine Club has earned our respect and a great review from us and their many subscribers thanks to their high quality wines, superior customer service and special packing techniques that ensured every bottle we received, every time, arrived safely.

As a special promo for all new customers from the Wine Club Directory, you will receive your first 3 bottles of wine and Sunset Magazine’s Fast and Fresh Recipe Book for only $19.95. That’s an $80 savings just for using the Wine Club Directory.

Overall Experience: ★★★

Wine Quality: ★★★★★

Pricing: ★★★

Packing & Delivery: ★★★★★

Customer Service: ★★


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