Wine of the Month Club Review


Wine of the Month Club – Vintners Series Review

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Price: Starts at $31.95

Out of hundreds of different wine of the month clubs, we've found the Wine of the Month Club to be one of the best in regards to wine quality, variety, value, customer service, personal touch and delivery / packing. Started in 1972, Paul Kalemkiarian tastes over 400 wines a month in order to find the very best wines for you.

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Wine of the Month Club continues to impress in our recent test of every Series they offer. The Vintner’s series, reviewed here is a mid level tier series which boasts itself as “A click up from the Classic Series for the novice and excellent wines a wine lover would share with other wine lovers”. This is a relatively accurate statement, we found in our recent shipment. After dozens of wine club reviews, Wine of the Month Club is still getting top stars from us. The wines are superb, customer service infallible, and the general friendliness and personalization of the club makes it really stand out.

The Vintner’s Series is one we’ve been meaning to try, and we’ve outlined our experience below and included a video walk through of our shipment. Find out what we liked/disliked:

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The packing slip:

  • Wine Gifts and Baskets Catalog
  • The Tasting Room Newsletter
  • Wine of the Month Club Binder
  • 2012 Kimmel Merlot
  • 2011 Trumpeter Chardonnay

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
As with all of our experiences with Classic, Cellar, and Limited Series, Vintners Series from Wine of the Month Club gets another RESOUNDING 5 star review from us. The wines included are all 90+ Points and boast “rarity” in the marketplace. We got rich Pinots, unique Piesporters, and charming Chardonnays’ during our membership. Every wine has been wonderful, but most importantly, it’s wine that we wouldn’t have had the chance to try earlier. The owner claims to try 400 wines a month to make these selections and we seem to believe it!

Wine Quality: ★★★★★
They taste over 400 wines each month and only select the very best. Unlike some other clubs, they aren’t shipping wines that are cheap for them, nor are they choosing wines because their label looked cool (we’re looking at you, Lot18…) Although if you find that you don’t like one of the bottles in your shipment, you can call and they’ll send you a different bottle–for free.

Wine Education: ★★★★★
With every shipment from Wine of the Month Club, you receive The Tasting Room Newsletter, a catalog, and detailed tasting notes, plus some pages for your own notes, and a binder to organize everything. Wine of the Month Club includes detailed tasting notes for each of the wines in the shipment, and also the history and behind-the-scenes process behind the birth of each wine.

***UPDATE: The latest shipment has cut back on pages per newsletter in a campaign to go green. It still includes all of the wines in your series, but does not include the other wines from other series memberships. We think the new format is great, and still includes pairings, recipes and Q&A.

Pricing: ★★★★★
The Vintners Series membership will get you two bottles of wine to your doorstep every month. You can select 1 red and 1 white, or 2 whites or 2 reds. Membership starts at $31.95. Hey, that’s a stellar deal for 90+ pt wines! 


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Overall Rating: Outstanding
5 stars
Wine Quality: Outstanding
5 stars
Wine Education: Outstanding
5 stars
Pricing: Outstanding
5 stars

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