Laithwaite’s Wine Presents…The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A three-time Vinitaly Winemaker of the Year, Angelo Maci crafts some of the smoothest and most desired red wines from southern Italy. A dark and bold blend of grapes harvested from the sunny soil are key to this quartet of award-winning red wines. Angelo is renowned for making wines from ancient vines, but many of these treasured vineyards are being bulldozed by developers. When he heard the bad news of six small wineries that were about to lose their perfectly good 100 year old vines, he stepped in. And we’re glad he did; we can all enjoy the fruits of his labor:

Il Brutto: A smooth yet intense red, harvested and fermented from il brutto (‘the ugly’) gnarled, old Negroamaro and Primitivo vines.
Pillastro Primitivo: Laithwaite’s most favorited Italian red
Tenuta Albrizzi: Vinitaly Gold-Medalist, with a charming and accentuated flavor
Villa Quinziana: Highly acclaimed. Perhaps the deepest and darkest of the four, made from the Aglianico and Malvasia grapes.

Get the whole case today and enjoy with a dinner of juicy braised lamb shanks served with glazed carrots and string beans. Even better, use red wine to de-glaze and concoct your lamb shank sauce! The case includes three bottles each of the four wines, at just $10.84 a bottle. Now that’s a steal!

P.S. If you’d like to enjoy even more of Angelo’s wines, Laithwaite’s is offering his “Gold Selection” Pillastro Selezione d’Oro 50% OFF at no extra cost for shipping.



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