Laithwaites Wine Club Review

Wine Club Directory’s Pick for #1 Best Wine Club of 2019 

Over the last 12 years we’ve reviewed 100’s of different monthly wine clubs and found Laithwaites (formerly known as the 4 Seasons Wine Club) to be among the best of wine clubs thanks to their club’s wine quality, pricing, customer service, and packing/delivery. Read our review below to learn how the Laithwaites Wine Club performed in our arduous testing. After reading the review, if you are still not convinced that Laithwaites is for you, please see our Wine Club home page to see the other wine clubs we have reviewed and recommend.

Watch our Laithwaites Wine Club video review to see exactly what you get when you sign up or give the wine club as a gift.


Overall Rating: ★★★★
The Laithwaites Wine Club earned our #1 spot on this year’s list of Best Wine Clubs and #1 on our list of Best Italian Wine Clubs for their high quality wines, great customer service and special packing techniques that ensured every bottle we received, every time, arrived safely. They offer the lowest prices (only $5.94 a bottle) and some of the best wines we’ve ever tasted.

Wine Quality: ★★★★
The quality of wines that you receive from the Laithwaites Wine Club is excellent, but we found them to be just a little bit lower than The Laithwaites Wine Club and the wines you receive from the Wine of the Month Club. However, when it comes to the Italian wines we’ve received, there were none better than the ones from the Laithwaites Wine Club.

Wine Education: ★★★★
The level of wine education you receive from the Laithwaites Wine Club is excellent! The wine notes that come with every bottle are very colorful and informative and a vast improvement over previous years wine tasting notes. They now provide nearly as much info the WSJ Wine Club does.

Pricing: ★★★★★
To compete with the WSJ Wine Club, the Laithwaites Wine Club is now matching their same low prices (only $5.84 a bottle). Please be aware that they also charge $19.99 for shipping and applicable tax.

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