Gold Medal Wine Club Summer Sale – Save 67% Off!

One of the things I like the best about the Gold Medal Wine Club is that every wine they send you is a gold medal winning wine. How can you beat that? Now some may say that you really need to know who gave the wine its gold medal in order to determine its true value. Was it a renowned wine tasting competition or the vineyard owner’s brother? I can assure you that if the wine didn’t win a highly sought after wine tasting competition, then it wouldn’t be featured by the Gold Medal Wine Club. Learn more by reading our Gold Medal Wine Club Review

While a lot of the other wine clubs I’m a member of send out some great wines at very affordable prices (sometimes they seem even a little too affordable!), it’s always nice to know that with the Gold Medal Wine Club, I’m getting a true gold medal winning wine. But that’s not all you get with the Gold Medal Wine Club…you also get the inside scoop on amazing steals they have from time to time. Here’s the latest example:

Save 67% Off Your Gold Medal Wine Club Purchase
The Gold Medal Wine Club is having a blow-out, summer sale that you just don’t want to miss! It’s so good in fact that you can save up to 67% off your purchase! Every wine they’re selling is priced differently of course, but my favorite type of wine these days is Old Vine Zinfandel. They’re just something special about the wine that comes from these 60+ year old vines. The taste of the grapes and wine are so pure and full bodied. My mouth waters every time I think about pouring myself a glass of Old Vine Zin.

If you feel the same, then this is your lucky day because you can get the Gold Medal Winning Peltier Station 2006 Old Vine Zinfandel for only $9.99 a bottle! That’s 67% off the usual price!!! You just can’t beat these summer sales, let me tell you.

Now I know this is going to sound like an infomercial, but wait…there’s more! Now if you buy three cases of wine (3 boxes of 12 bottles) you save even more by getting FREE SHIPPING! That’s huge because shipping wine is not cheap and can sometimes set you back $30+ a case. Get in on this deal from the Gold Medal Wine Club while you can.

Here are all the details form the email I received from them:

Gold Medal Wine Club August 2012 Promotions

Gold Medal Wine Club August 2012 Promotions

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