Fortino Winery – Amazing Central Coast Wine From Gilroy California

As many of you know, I started the Wine Club Directory almost 10 years ago when I was living in the California Bay Area. Being so close to so many amazing wineries made every weekend excursion an excuse to drop by a local winery for a tasting or two. While almost everyone knows about Napa Valley, not many know of the great little wineries located South of the bay Area between San Jose and Monterey.

I first discovered this area with my wife on one of our many camping trips to Big Sur, California. We always drove down 101 through Gilroy and one day decided to take a small back road to further explore the area. We took the small, scenic highway 152, which lead us right to the Fortino Winery.

We planned on stopping for a quick tasting and lunch at one of their picnic tables. An hour later we had 2 cases of amazing red wine in our trunk and couldn’t wait to come back (which I did a month later for another 2 cases)! With such fond memories of the Central Coast, I had to come back for another visit. So, I flew out to California and met up with my college friend Eugene. On a mission to find the best wines of the Gilroy and Carmel area, we immediately set out for the Fortino Winery located at 4525 Hecker Pass Highway, Gilroy, CA 95020

An hour later we were in the Fortino Winery tasting room enjoying some great Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Maribella, Almond Champagne and believe it or not, Pomegranate Wine!

Fortino Winery

Even though its been almost 10 years since I was last here, it was great to see that the wines produced by the Fortino Winery are still as amazing as I remember them. While I didn’t end up buying any of the Pomegranate Wine, I did pick up a bottle of the Almond Champagne. I’m not usually a fan of Champagne (thanks to New Years Eve 2000), but this champagne was incredibly delicious compared to the stuff you can get at the grocery store. Here’s a picture of our friendly server making sure our glasses were always full 😉

Fortino Winery Pomegranate Wine

The last time I was at the Fortino Winery, I ended up buying 2 cases of Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. This time, I fell in love with the Maribella’s aromas of cherries and spice, which is the Fortino Winery’s signature blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Carignan. This medium-bodied blend has the perfect balance of acidity and residual sugar that accentuates the delicious berry flavors. Definitely have a box of pepper crackers and Havarti cheese on hand when you open this one up. It was so good that I had two bottles sent back to me in North Carolina!

Fortino Winery Maribella

The Fortino Winery has a nice wine club that I recommend to anyone that’s been to the winery and liked what they tasted. For just $45 a month, you’ll get 2 bottles of wine delivered to you every other month. If you’re local and want to pick up the wine yourself, it only costs $35 a month. You’ll also get invited to their wine club members only dinners in May and September as well as receiving up to 40% off wine reorders.

Fortino Winery Visit 2012

Fortino Winery Visit 2012

Fortino Winery Visit 2012

Fortino Winery – Yum 2012

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