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Food and Wine Magazine has been an authority in the foods and wine industry since 1978. After 37 years in the industry, there’s no doubt they’ve learned a thing or two about wines. They introduced the Food and Wine Magazine Wine Club a few years ago, and we’ve been meaning to get our hands on a shipment to review. Overall, we were extremely impressed by their guarantee, and two of three of their 3-Bottle Taster Club wines were big hits.

The Packing Slip:

  • FW Taster Tasting Notes
  • FW Welcome Collateral
  • Bhilar Plots Rioja Tinto 2019
  • Salomon Estate Norwood Shiraz Cabernet 2010
  • Domaine de Grezan Chardonnay, Pays D’Oc 2019

Overall, Food and Wine Wine Club was a delightful experience. We signed up for the 3-Bottle Taster Club with the 50% off coupon found here.

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Surprisingly, although other clubs do a great job of adding wine education materials, the materials for Food and Wine Wine Club left a lot to be desired. Food and Wine Magazine prides themselves on just that- food and wine, but the materials felt short and uninformative–that’s not exactly what we’d expect from Food and Wine Magazine, especially after our recent experience with New York Times Wine Club which included full recipes to pair with wines. The tastes of the wines themselves however, were boldly intriguing and very unique. An added bonus is their affordable pricing with the 50% off coupon. If you uncork a wine once or twice a month and are seeking to broaden your taste buds, this is the club for you.

Wine Quality: ★★★★
The two best wines from this shipment were: 1) 2010 Salomon Shiraz Cabernet: a well-balanced fruity red with hints of oak; and 2) 2011 Bhilar Plots Rioja Tinto: the bottle label looked a bit tacky, but the contents were an astonishingly nice surprise! Very fruity yet earthy, with a defined unique taste. The third wine was also very tasteful and aromatic. Overall the wines were delectable and highly enjoyed, even if they weren’t the best. The unique tastes of the wines and their origins make up for the lack of stellar quality.

Wine Education: ★★★
We received food pairing and wine tasting notes with our shipment. Each wine has its elaborate description of its respective wineries and geographies, but unfortunately only brief information about their unique tastes and characters. There is only basic info that could be easily read on the bottle label or searched online. The pairing guides are satisfactory, with food ideas pointing readers in the right direction, but lacks pertinent information for specific recipes or dishes. The presentation of the wine tasting notes is aesthetically appealing and printed on high quality paper. One aspect that can be improved on is their lack of detailed information about taste and recipes. 

Pricing: ★★★★★
Starts at $22.47 when you use the 50% off coupon. Included are two reds and one white every two months. Pretty good deal! They offer multi-tier programs, so if you want to start with a 3 bottle shipment, or 6, it’s entirely up to you. If you’re not a huge wino but appreciate the occasional glass of fine wine, this is the club for you. We received a very nice variety on our first shipment, with wines of wildly different characteristics from different regions: South Australia, Spain, and France.

Food and Wine Wine Club Discount Coupon

Food and Wine Club Discount Coupon

Photos of our Food and Wine Magazine Wine Club Shipment:

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