Copa Di Vino Review

Back on June 1st I wrote about how I saw a wine by the glass display at my local gas station. I couldn’t help but blog about starting my own wine club and calling it The Gas Station Min-Mart Wine Club. I was only kidding of course, but I was truly surprised to see such an elaborate display:

cops di vino – gas station wine club

I was even more surprised to hear what a top seller the wines in the rack were. So, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to pick up a glass of Merlot. What year? I have no idea as its not printed on the back of this tiny plastic cup. Same goes for where the grapes were grown, the vintners secret recipe, etc. They’re definitely not going after the snob crowd with this one. Here’s my Copa Di Vino glass of Merlot:

copa di vino review

Copa Di Vino will most likely never appear on our list of best wine clubs, but it wasn’t terrible. I was actually surprised at how drinkable it really was. Now, I’m not going to go out and buy a dozen more glasses or anything, because I already receive a TON of award winning wines every month, but I do want to give the people at Copa Di Vino a shout out and let them know that a TRUE wine guy actually thinks their doing alright. Hats off to you guys! Feel free to let me know when you make new additions to your wine lineup and I’ll be sure to make a new Copa Di Vino Review. Best of luck in making wine by the glass at your local gas station a profitable business. Cheers!

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