Celebrations Wine Club Review – Valentines Day Offer

One of our favorite wine clubs is the Celebrations Wine Club. We rank them #2 on on our Top 10 Italian Wine Clubs list and in the top 10 on our California Wine Clubs list. The wines they find and deliver are awesome! We especially like that the owner of this wine club personally finds each and every one of the wines she sends out.

If you’re not already member, then you probably don’t get their email updates. Thus, here’s the latest news from the Celebrations Wine Club:

Celebrate Love
Make Valentine’s Day memorable with a gift membership to Celebrations Wine Club. You can order just one package for the occasion. Or you can send a series of packages and create a mini Valentine’s Day once a month for as long as you like.

This Month from California
In December 2019, Coombsville became the 16th and newest American Viticulture Area (AVA) in Napa County. About 25 small wineries occupy the appellation, and the oldest is Tulocay Winery, owned by Napa’s master of sardonic wit, Bill Cadman. ‘You can always tell when people are from Napa Valley,’ he says, ‘because the back left shoulder of their jackets is worn thin from constantly patting themselves on the back.’ Bill is not a back-patter, he is enormously proud of the delicious wines that we’re featuring this month. We’ve chosen the Tulocay 2019 Chardonnay and the 2019 Syrah, both made from Haynes Vineyard grapes, and the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon from Rancho Sarco Vineyard, all three from the new Coombsville AVA. The Tulocay 2002 Merlot is made from fruit that was harvested at Sierra Oaks Vineyard in El Dorado County.

This Month from Italy
The three wineries that we’re featuring this month are all farming organically with natural, sustainable methods. Sassotondo is located in the Maremma zone and is credited with restoring the reputation of ancient Ciliegiolo, thought to have arrived from Spain. We’ve chosen the Sassotondo 2010 Tuforosso, the 2019 Ciliegiolo Rosso, and the 2019 Ciliegiolo Riserva San Lorenzo. Le Fonti is located in the Chianti Classico zone, a tiny 24-hectare estate that claimed Gambero Rosso’s most prestigious Tre Bicchierri award for two of its current vintages, one of which is included in this month’s shipment, the Le Fonti 2006 Fontissimo. We’re also sending the Le Fonti 2008 Chianti Classico. Our lone white wine choice for this month comes from across the Tuscan border in Le Marche. Ciu’Ciu’ cultivates the traditional grapes of the zone, especially the red Rosso Piceno and the whites Passerina, Pecorino, and Trebbiano. We’ve chosen the Ciu’Ciu’ 2010 Evoe’ Passerina Offida.

Buy now!
We invite you to become a regular member and receive our two-bottle packages, ranging from $34 to $112. Or give a gift membership for any number of months, including one. Learn more about the Celebrations Wine Club today.

Celebrations Wine Club Valentines Day 2012 Promotions

Celebrations Wine Club Valentines Day 2012 Promotions

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