Celebrate the First Day of Spring with Virgin Wine Club!

Virgin winesVirgin Wine Club is kicking off the first day of spring (today! March 20!) with their newest springtime finds for only $12.50 a bottle. In the 2019 Spring Collection are some of their very best wines to make springtime refreshingly delicious:


1. Malbec, Patagonia: This wine is from southern Argentina on the Schroeder Estate. Critically acclaimed for their tight clusters of tiny, thick-skinned grapes, they are popular for their full-flavored reds–this Malbec is no different.
2. Cabernet, Spier: Spier is one South Africa’s most awarded estates. They have also been around since 1692! This Cabernet is bursting with juicy cherry flavors and French oak.
3. Merlot, Columbia Valley: Barrel-aged, this Merlot is unique because of its soft and supple tannins and fruit flavors.
4. Pinot Noir, 2012. Jean-Marc Sauboua: This is a classic favorite. A ripe, fragrant, French red from a trophy-winning winemaker located in southern France. Perfect for dinner parties.


1. Viognier, 2019. Don Sebastiani: A boutique wine crafted from Sonoma guru, Don Sebastiani, this wine pairs perfectly with Thai dishes.
2. 2019 Loire Sauvignon Blanc: This is a perennial favorite, thanks to its crisp citrusness and hints of grassy freshness.
3. Visionario: A multi-varietal from northern Italy, Allessandro Gallici’s Terre Alte based blend contains enticing notes of fragrant peach with subtle notes of almond and spice.
4. Rose, Mas de Daumas Gassac: An elegant French rose blend of Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah.

Get the whole case for $149.99! That’s 20% off! You can choose from reds only, whites only, or a mixed case!











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