California Wine Club Sale – Save Up To 74% Off!

Last night I was drinking Twisted Wine’s 2019 Old Vine Zinfandel that I bought at the grocery store to test against the wines I’ve been getting from the California Wine Club.

I thought for sure that this particular Twisted Wine Zinfandel would at least rival the wines I’ve been getting from the California Wine Club as it too is from California and it’s got 18 Gold Medals and 5 Best Buy Awards to it’s name. Unfortunately, it just didn’t make the grade.

Which just goes to show you that even if the wine you see at the grocery store has a sticker on it proclaiming its gold and silver medals, you still don’t really know who gave it those medals and what they were comparing the wine to. After all, I could start giving out gold and silver medals and wineries can start adding those to their labels. Crazy, huh?

So, how do you really know what California wines are worth drinking and which ones aren’t? Simple, you find an expert in the industry that has been tasting and finding the best California wines for over 30 years. That’s what you get when you sign up with the California Wine Club; you get an expert husband and wife team that travel around California to small mom and pop wineries finding the best wines and deals just for you.

And right now is your lucky day because they’re having a crazy good summer ending sale in which you can save up to 74% off the usual prices! But be sure to get in on the sale before it ends.

california Wine Club August 2012 Promotions

california Wine Club August 2012 Promotions

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