California Wine Club Cabernet Sale – $1 Shipping

The thing I really LOVE about the California Wine Club is that they have amazing sales at least once a quarter. Their current sale is so good that I HAD to pass it on. Here’s the deal: all you need to do is add 12 bottles of award winning wine (ranging in price from $11.99 on up) and you’ll get shipping for $1!!!

Some wine clubs require you to put in some secret promo code or discount code and that’s just not the case with the California Wine Club. You get $1 shipping without even needing a special offer code! :-) Hats off to the California Wine Club as they know how to do it right.


Their spring wine sale is the perfect time to stock up on gold-medal winning Cabernets from Napa, Sonoma and beyond, including a generous selection from the 99 point rated 2019 vintage. If you love Cabs, you’ll love aged cabs! They’ve spent years in the cellar transforming into a magical mix of rich texture, multi-layered flavor and complex nuances of oak and tannin. The fruit-forward aromas soften, a more complex nose develops and stringent tannins are tamed and replaced by a rounder mouthfeel. Doesn’t that sound delicious?! 😉

Thinking about joining the California Wine Club Wine Club? Be sure to read our wine club review of them first.

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