4 Seasons Wine Club Review (2019)

Over the last ten years we have reviewed 100s of different wine clubs and found the Four Seasons Wine Club to be one of the very best with regards to wine quality, pricing, customer service, and packaging/delivery. Read the Four Seasons wine club review below to learn how the wine club performed in our rigorous testing. Four Seasons provides us with a small commission for sending new customers their way, but we still wouldn’t recommend them if they hadn’t passed our rigorous testing. If you are still not convinced that 4 Seasons is for you, please see our Wine Club directory page to see what other wine clubs we have reviewed and recommend.

NOTE: This is our 2019 review of the Four Seasons Wine Club. Four Seasons changed their name in 2019 to Laithwaithes Wine Club. You can see how Laithwaites ranked in our list of this year’s Top 10 Best Italian Wine Clubs.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
For the 5th year in a row, Four Seasons has earned our prestigious #1 rating for their high quality wines, superior customer service and special packing techniques that ensured every bottle we received, every time, arrived safely. They offer the lowest prices and, in our humble opinion, some of the best wines available.

Wine Quality: ★★★★★
Every quarter we receive a new 12 bottle shipment from Four Seasons and we’re always pleasantly surprised by quality of the wines. At only $5.83 a bottle, you’d expect these wines to be low quality, but that’s just not the case with 4 Seasons.

Wine Education: ★★★★★
Four Seasons does an excellent job of educating you on each and every wine that they deliver. You’ll learn where the wine came from, what the growing season was like that gave the wine it’s unique flavor, how it was harvested and what was added to make the wine so unique and delicious.

Pricing: ★★★★★
4 Seasons offers the lowest pricing out of all the wine clubs we’ve reviewed at only $5.83 a bottle. They also charge a $19.99 shipping and handling fee + tax.


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