Zagat Wine Club Review

Zagat Wine Club Now Laithwaite's Wine Club

Zagat Wine Club is Now Laithwaite’s Wine Club

We’ve been reviewing wine clubs for over ten years now and have discovered that the wines mailed to you by Zagat Wine Club are some of the most exceptional wines you can find on the market, but for a very affordable price. While not the #1 wine club in our book (View this Year’s Best Wine Clubs), they are definitely in the Top 10. We highly recommend them and have no doubt you’ll be pleased with your wine club membership.

As of 2015, Zagat Wine Club is now Laithewaite’s Wine Club, one of our Top 10 of 2015!

Overall Rating: ★★★★
The Zagat Wine Club came in 1st on our Top 10 Best Red Wine Clubs and 4th on our list of the Top 10 Best Wine Clubs last year. They earned an excellent rating from us thanks to their great wines at a great price, their large social network of like-minded wine lovers that share wine reviews and ratings on each bottle you receive.

Wine Quality: ★★★★
We found the quality of the wine you receive to be just as good as the wine from Laithwaites and the Wall Street Journal Wine Club. We especially like their 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures you receive a full refund on any wine you receive that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Wine Education: ★★★★
The tasting notes you receive from Zagat are well thought out, informative and visually pleasing to the eye. We especially like the attractive binder that comes with your purchase as it is large enough to hold all the wine tasting notes you’ll receive over the next couple of years.

Pricing: ★★★★
Like some of the other wine clubs we recommend, the Zagat Wine Club also offers reasonable prices on their wines. 

Thanks for your interest in Zagat Wine.

Great wines await – but first a quick bit of news:

Since its launch in 2008, Zagat Wine has been a partnership between Zagat and Laithwaite’s Wine. Zagat has now handed the reins over fully to its trusted partner Laithwaite’s Wine – with no change to the exceptional wines and service.

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