Wine Theme Park – Fun Forever!

wine theme park in bordeaux, france


Imagine a theme park where wine flowed freely – and then some! In Bordeaux, France, La Cité du Vin is going to give you exactly that.  Is it heaven?  I’m pretty sure it will be.

La Cité du Vin is a 3.3 acre park getting a lot of media coverage – of course.  The grounds will include comprehensive coverage of wines through the ages – including a look at different cultures, civilizations, and their treatments of wine.  It’s described as being a “fully immersive, and sensorial” approach to wine.  Twenty themed areas, wine shops, expert wine tasting sessions, screenings, water shuttle to vineyards, and personalized experiences getting into the wine-making process await you at this pleasure-fest.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak french, the theme park will have signage in three languages, and hand held guides in eight more.  The 10 story building might get a little overwhelming, wear your walking shoes, and be sure to have lots and lots of wine.  What else will you find there?  Here’s a short list:

Five Senses Wine Tasting

This workshop educates visitors on wine tasting – and lets them learn through colors, smells, textures, and all the nuances of flavors in the wine.

Wine and Dine

They serve over 500 wines at the two restaurants and wine bar.  Yum.

Historical Figure Banquet

Reenactors, anyone?  Feel right at home with portrayals of Voltaire, Napoleon, and more.  Should be both entertaining and educational.

Wine History Boat Ride

Definitely what I’m looking forward to the most, a 50 seat simulator boat ride from 6,000 BC til now, all focused on wine.  Fully immersive, and sounds like a really fun time.

Of course, there are too many sights to list at the wine theme park, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing them in person.  Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket?

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