Wall Street Journal Coupon Code – $25 OFF COUPON CODE

I was just cleaning out my email inbox when I noticed an email from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club detailing their new $25 OFF COUPON CODE. What a deal! Just enter the coupon code below and you’ll save $25 on your next purchase!

Just use promo code: 25OFFWSJWine2012

If for some reason that promo code is no longer active, use this one: SAVE25

In all the years that I’ve been sharing coupon codes from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club, I’ve never found one this rewarding. I wish I could say that the WSJ Wine Club pushes out coupon codes all the time, but that’s just not the case. They don’t put out a lot of coupon codes because they don’t want to devalue / cheapen their brand. They provide amazing wines at already very low prices, so to offer a coupon code on top of that can cause them to go from being profitable to being in the red.

And while I don’t like to see any wine club lose money month after month (because its caused LOTS of great wine clubs we’ve reviewed over the years to go out of business), the Wall Street Journal Wine Club has some DEEP pockets that ensure it can handle a bunch of new customers using the $25 coupon code every day. So, don’t feel like you’re causing them any hardship. Instead, use the promo code to get your hands on as much amazing wine as you can from the WSJ Wine Club.

And of course, for posterity, here’s the email I received from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club detailing their $25 coupon code. You’ll notice that it says that it expires at midnight, but I just checked and its still working like a charm.

WSJ Wine Club 2012 September Promo

WSJ Wine Club 2012 September Promo

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