Sweet Deal on a Sweet Red Wine from Wine of the Month Club

sweet red1

Paul strikes again! Last week it was a $4.99 deal on an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. This week he’s featuring an excellent sweet red wine produced from the highly prized red German grape Dornfelder. And after looking a while for a nice sweet red that doesn’t taste like it has added sugar, he says this 2011 Baron Kokot is the best sweet red he has tasted. With a fruity and berry palate and soft tannins, this medium sweet red is an excellent choice for pairings with pulled pork, salads with vinaigrette, and even fried chicken! I had a couple glasses of this Baron Kokot last night with some homemade fried chicken and it was delicious. The nice crunchy batter and the juicy tender meat brought out the delicate flavors of the wine, complimenting each other perfectly. Hurry and order now before he runs out!





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