California Wine Club Review


California Wine Club Review

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Price: Starts under $18

Having been a member of the California Wine Club for years now, we absolutely love sampling the best that California has to offer every month. From great bottles of Merlot to fantastic bottles of Cabernet, there's no better wine club that caters to California wine lovers than the original California Wine Club. Read our review and watch our video review to see!


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My family has been a member of the California Wine Club for years now and we absolutely love sampling the best that California has to offer every month. From great bottles of Merlot to fantastic bottles of Cabernet, there’s no better wine club that caters to California wine lovers than the original California Wine Club. And while we are remunerated by the California Wine Club for sending new customers their way, we wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t a great wine club with money-saving California Wine Club Promo Codes. But don’t just take my word for it, read our review and watch our video review as well. If you’re not convinced, then of course feel free to try one of the other wine clubs we recommend that send you California wines every month. We love saving you money by providing California Wine Club Coupon Codes, so if you find a new one, please let us know.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
The California Wine Club is best known for it’s outstanding California wine picks from small mom & pop wineries, but they also have a wine club focusing on the best international wines they find. Here are their four wine clubs: Premier Club, Signature Series, International Selections, and Ages Cabernet Series. Besides the great wine, we really appreciated that there were no wine club membership fees or hidden costs and that every bottle of wine is 100% quality guaranteed.

Wine Quality: ★★★★★
The quality of the California and International wines the California Wine Club sent us was absolutely fantastic. The owners of this wine club are constantly searching for award-winning wines from California’s best small and relatively unheard of wineries. These are the wineries that only sell locally because they only make 10-20 cases a year. The only way to find these wines is to go on your own road trip throughout California and taste every wine you come across – praying you happen upon the best ones.

Wine Education: ★★★★
With every monthly or quarterly wine club shipment (you choose the frequency), you’ll receive a 12-page, full color publication called Uncorked that offers an up-close and personal look at the vineyard behind the wines plus tasting notes, recipes, interviews, games and more.

Pricing: ★★★★★
Starting at just under $18 a bottle, the California Wine Club is priced really well for award winning wines. Of their four wine clubs, our favorite is the Signature Series which is their 90+ point wine club that costs $75 a bottle / $150 per shipment. If you can afford it, this is by far the BEST California wine club out there.

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Conclusion Rating
Overall Rating: Phenomenal
5 stars
Wine Quality: Phenomenal
5 stars
Wine Education: Excellent
4 stars
Pricing: Excellent
4 stars

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