Plonk Wine Club Review – Part 2

As I mentioned in an earlier post, over the last 6 months I’ve been hearing a lot about the Plonk Wine Merchants Wine Club and decided to sign up to see if they are as good as everyone has been saying they are. I’ve now been a member for over 3 months now and am happy to report that the Plonk Wine Club is one of my new favorites!

My wife and I love that we’ve finally found a wine club that focuses on organic / biodynamic wines from around the world. Every month we get a new box of 4 wines delivered via Fedex. We love red wine, so we went with the all red option.

We liked that the bottles of wines arrived VERY FAST via Fedex and that all three shipments so far have arrived undamaged. Back in college I worked at UPS for a summer and know first hand how boxes are treated there. Luckily, Fedex has much higher standards and professionalism.

Plonk Wine Club PackagingWe also liked that the Plonk Wine Club uses cardboard packaging in their boxes instead of Styrofoam. :-) Cardboard is easily recycled, while here in North Carolina, Styrofoam is not easily recycled. There just aren’t any places within a 200 mile radius of us to recycle it.

Over the last 12 years of being wine club members, we’ve never seen a broken bottle when wine is shipped in cardboard, so I’m not sure why some wine clubs still use Styrofoam. But I digress…back to our review of the Plonk Wine Club :-)

Plonk Wine Club Tasting NotesWe’re avid fans of organic products and try to buy EVERYTHING organic, so I just can’t tell you how happy we are to find such an excellent wine club with strong organic / biodynamic roots.

It’s nice to see that taste and quality aren’t sacrificed by going organic. In fact, we think the organic wines sent to us from the Plonk Wine Merchants taste BETTER than the non-organic wines we get every month.

Plonk Wine Club Free ShippingAlso, everyone that signs up for the Plonk Wine Club via the Wine Club Directory gets FREE SHIPPING on their first months delivery!

I could go on and on about the Plonk Wine Club, but instead I’ll just direct you to our Plonk Wine Club Review page where we go into much greater detail on this wine club.

If you’re read enough and are simply ready to sing up, you can do so at

Plonk Wine Club Opening Review 2012

Plonk Wine Club Opening Review 2012

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