California Wine Club Review – June 2013

I just got my latest wine club shipment from the California Wine Club and had to share the two great wines they sent me this month for being a member of their Premier Series Wine Club. The great thing about the California Wine Club’s Premier Series Wine Club is that it costs just under $40 a month and gives you access to some of the best wines from small “mom & pop” wineries around California.

California Wine Club – June 2013

The first thing I found when I opened up this month’s wine shipment was the latest issue of Uncorked Magazine (which provides detailed information on the wines I received this month), a couple of sale and special offers and a letter from the owner’s of the title=”california wine club”>California Wine Club: Bruce and Pam. It was a nice personal touch and I greatly appreciate how friendly and professional they are with all their wine club members.

California Wine Club Series Wine Club – June 2013

In this month’s shipment I received a bottle of 2010 Santa Barbara County Merlot and a 2011 Santa Barbara County Riesling from the Lucas & Lewellen Winery. These two wines typically sell for anywhere from $23 to $42 a bottle where you can find them, but being a member of the California Wine Club enables you to reorder them for just $10.99 and $11.99 a bottle! Membership has its privileges after all! :-)

If you aren’t already convinced that becoming a wine club member is the right thing to do, then feel free to learn more about becoming a California Wine Club Member by reading our California Wine Club Review.

California Wine Club Series Wine Club Wines For June 2013

Inside this month’s issue of Uncorked Magazine is an incredible amount of detail on the winery that Bruce and Pam feature this month in their wine club. Here’s an example…Few wineries in California produce twenty five different wines, that include Rhone, Bordeaux, Burgandy and Italian varietals. But then again, very few wineries can match the intimate relationship Lucas & Lewellen has with Santa Barbara County’s amazing wine-growing potential.

Lucas & Lewellen Vineyard’s 2010 Merlot was just recently released, so it doesn’t have any awards or reviews yet, but its pedigree includes a 91 point rating for the 2009 vintage! And the 2011 Riesling also has a pedigree that includes a 91 point rating for it’s 2010 vintage. Merlot is one of my favorite types of red wine and Riesling is one of my wife’s favorite types, so I know this month’s wine club shipment from the title=”california wine club”>California Wine Club is going to be a big hit in our house! :-)

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